Tools and Applications

The Toolkit

FaCeT is developing actionable and relevant scientific tools to support fishery managers, resource users, and other stakeholders in how we understand and manage species-environment and fishery interactions in a changing and dynamic ocean. FaCeT’s web-based dashboard will have online tools that will allow users easy accessibility to ocean data and model projections as well as interactive and dynamic map-based visualizations for areas and subregions in the areas of interest. FaCeT will cover a suite of species of fishery and conservation interest found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans including mako sharks, blue sharks, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, skipjack tuna, and several other highly migratory species.

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The primary capabilities of FaCeT are:

  • Visualize dynamic species distributions of fisheries and conservation interest
  • Identify species and vessel responses to climate anomalies and directional climatic changes 
  • Project fishery interactions and hotspots in response to changing ocean conditions
  • Effectively quantify and communicate uncertainty of model results to users with a focus on incorporating uncertainty into decision processes