Who can use FaCeT

FaCeT Users

FaCeT’s tools and ecological forecasting products will help fisheries stakeholders understand how ocean anomalies and climate change scenarios will influence U.S. ecosystems. Fueled by satellite, climate models, and fishery independent and dependent biological data, and fisheries Automatic Identification System data, FaCeT bridges the gap between fisheries and climate science to provide critical information to support climate resilient, and sustainable fisheries. Our partners and stakeholders include:

Government ScientistAcademic ResearchersFishery Managers
Regional Fishery Management OrganizationsFishery Management councilsNon-profit Conservation Organizations
Policy MakersFishery Relevant industriesFisherman & Civil Society

FaCeT is currently partnering with several fisheries agencies and organizations to develop tools and applications in support of climate-ready and sustainable fisheries.  We value the opportunity to work directly with partners to ensure our science is impactful and directly addresses current challenges in fisheries management. 

If your organization or agency is interested in partnering with FaCeT, please contact rlewison@sdsu.edu for more information.

Our Partners:

Meaningful stakeholder engagement is at the heart of the FaCeT project. At every stage of the project, from conception to implementation, we are listening to, talking with and working closely with fisheries stakeholders, emphasizing trust and transparency. 

Our commitment to meaningful engagement also shapes our communication strategy, to ensure the fisheries community is kept abreast of the findings, tools and applications in development, and future directions of FaCeT.